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Thread: Any good TV Show sites? "Futurama"

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    I want to get every episode of Futurama, but I can't find it anywhere, and when I do it's an outdated post.

    I've looked here and binsearch. : /
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    Check out some torrent sites for Futurama.
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    Torrentbytes has all seasons up (DVDRIP)

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    I did a quick search on google and found a russian open directory with every episode. However you must be on a russian IP to download from them. (I used a russian proxy to test if they worked)

    you just change the # at the end to each season you like (1-5).

    This would be a last resort though, as it's a lot of trouble finding a working russian proxy just to download this.


    Edit: found season 5 on another site. No proxy needed, but kinda slow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dasheeki View Post
    Edit: found season 5 on another site. No proxy needed, but kinda slow.
    Cool they got some of the other seasons too

    Thought the days of public http download was over


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