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Thread: Vipmusic Closing Down.. New Site !!!

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    I just logged in to my VipMusic account as I was going to trade it for a bitme invite....... As badly as I want a BitMe invite.. In good faith I will cancel the trade.. I logged in and read my new messages. The content of one of the messages is as follows..

    As some of you may already know, we have a new site!! However, now we have a domain for it! Visit for the latest news regarding the new site development. There is also a FAQ located there to answer the most basic questions. Join us in the IRC channel for any further questions you may have and to get the up to the minute info on the new site. Long live VIPmusic!

    Q. Why is shutting down?

    A. Sadly, our CTO (Chief Technology Officer) has gone missing. We have not heard from him in over 2 months, which is very unlike him. Many staff members, moderators and members are still upset over this loss. While we hope for the best, we fear the worst. He had access to both the database and the code base (both of which are encrypted). Due to these circumstances, is no longer able to sustain itself efficiently or make any improvements to the site.

    Q. When is shutting down?

    A. We estimate the server will be taken offline on, or shortly after November 10th, 2007.

    Q. What is all about?

    A. will be the rebirth of the community. We have not revealed the exact details yet, but stay tuned and we will make these exciting announcements in the near future.

    Q. If the CTO is missing, who is running

    A. has an extraordinaire group of staff members, moderators, uploaders and active community members. A core group comprised of all of the previously mentioned roles has stepped up to help bring back the VIP community stronger than ever.

    Q. A lot of new music communities have emerged since OiNK went offline, are you trying to be another one?

    A. NO. developed a great community of music lovers who enjoy sharing their passion with other members. While many OiNK clones are being started up (and we wish them the best, don't get us wrong), we feel we have something special here at VIP and we want to keep that spirit alive. With the launch of, the VIP community will be back and stronger than ever, plus a few surprises along the way

    Q. Will my old account be transferred over to

    A. No. Unfortunately the user database is encrypted and access is granted only to our CTO's IP range, there for no accounts will transfer over.

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    Vip's packs were simply divine

    Best of luck to their new project


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