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Thread: Help please: One torrent on two trackers?

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    Is it possible to make one torrent & upload it to two different trackers? Is OK to do it? If so, how do you do it?


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    It depends on the trackers. If they require private torrents you wont be able to do it. If they are public, maybe you will not have problems.

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    No not true, you can just add the announce url's for each tracker when you make the torrent, I upload to more than one tracker and if you wish to add that tracker to the torrent file you simply add its announce url when making the torrent file. The data itself is yours, you can do with it as you wish it is the torrent file itself which is created for the tracker which is important to private trackers.
    Some and only some trackers have packs that are special to them which are created especially for that tracker, in this case if the specific pack was copied to other trackers they can and do take exception, but if it is general 0day stuff, everyone gets it, is just a question of who gets it first.........



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