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Thread: What Software Do You Recommend

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    Im wanting to put all my vinyl onto cd,but Im wondering if there is any software I can use to clean up the sound a little.Just to get rid of the hisses and scratches from the vinyl.
    Could anyone list a few good programs with which I can do this?
    Thanx all.

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    Look for Steinberg Clean Plus or the regular version,
    also WaveLab is one of my favorites to edit mp3's or wavs.

    These are maybe somewhat Pro apps, not so easy to use but hey,
    Quality mp3's are cool..

    Do a search on Kazaa, they should be available.

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    i agree with guitar slinger, i bought it recently and it can make a hell of a difference in cleaning ur tunes up. looks really complicated at first but u will get the hang of it.


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