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Thread: Some People Are So Stupid

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    I was leaving some Feed-Back on an item I won on ebay, and noticed that the seller had a number of NEGATIVE replies, so I had to see what they were.

    Here's one of them....

    This made me laugh so frikkin hard!!!

    Another piece of ebay stupidity. You always see an amazing deal, like an item for bid such as "Flat screen Monitor for $5.00", okay the bid is up to $75.00, by a bunch of first-time newbies with "0" history. They are actually selling information, on how to get a flat screen monitor for $5.00 So in reality, you are buying an e-mail message, telling you to go to a website and get this piece of valuable information.

    BTW, the seller above has some incredible deals, just be sure to know what you are buying. I won an external 52x CDRW burner for $36.00 and it is brand new, works perfect, 2 days to ship.

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    i've seen a pubic hair of a Gamesradar forum member sold for $10, do a search on this board for other Ebay laughs
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