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Thread: Need invite

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    I have a good ratio on demonoid and revolutiontt and really am looking foward to this site. Please pm me

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    be a bit more active ..2 posts just isnt enough sorry. i will send you an invite as soon as you're an active member and i feel i can trust you

    Wishing for: SweDVDR

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    Hey Mr.Lazy, i think im getting active, do u feel that u can trustme?

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    mate , it's you second post here in FST
    you should be more active so some people know you and trust you
    ratio proofs aren't everything to get invite

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    hi guys! its my 3rd time saying that i would like to get and its the only site among with bitspyder that i need since i only do use elearning torrents. Hopefully i will get bitme and/or bitspyder one day. I dont have any reason to cheat because my moto is how much you give is how much you get, and unfortunately i only do have demonoid invites to give for free.

    Enjoy guys!


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