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Thread: Cheaters/scammers Wtf

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    May 2007
    I just started a thread about me needing uk-t and bloodsuckers and fucking cheaters...i went to another post this guy wants a bitme invite... i could appreciate that he needed it...i wanted to help as i had been helped in the past...told him i would give him one....asked if he ever had bitme account, he told me "no"...i check his posts....and he actually did have a bitme....bastards....this shit is too cut throat for me....problem is that the forum is too open to any tom dick and hairy....there is no not a snitch...but i hate to feel taken advantage of....thats how i feel right now....shit.

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    LOL....another thread...i hope u get closure.

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    Reputation means shit on this site.

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    Maybe FST have to close the doors (Invites only) , that would be different.

    Just a thought ...
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    name and shame him...

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    we need a private section for trusted users... mods select who gets in... or vote...

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    i am not alier
    i am not a fucking liaer
    that was very long time ago
    after i got the invite
    i discovered that all my ISP was banned
    so i tried several times to activate it with a proxy
    and when i finished
    & i traded it
    now i have new ISP
    that does not mean that i have already an account
    Bad Life

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    MrVictorRivers's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +2
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    May 2007
    its mighty suspicious how you closed your thread about looking for a bitme invite.....

    ....its all in your posts....u had an account in april of this year, you had an account in august of this year....i askd u if u ever had an account, you told me no... only to actually look your shit up and find out that you DID in fact have atleast two accounts...watever....say wat u want to say...i dont giv a fuck....go take advantage of someone else...and i told you i didnt have many bitme invites left....

    either way... its not about me.....theres cheaters/scammers/bloodsuckers everywhere in this bitch...good fucking night!!

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    Oct 2006
    I don't want to be found.
    Whilst it is really nice of you to give out invites to people, the problem is you are giving them out to complete strangers and expecting them to live up to your standards. Get to know people here, make some friends and then start giving out invites to people you actually 'know'. I have made some good friends here and whenever I get invites they are the first people I offer them to and because they are friends they do the same.
    Hope you have better luck in the future.

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