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Thread: Need TheBox Invite Please

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    I am currently a member of countless torrent websites and I have a 1.0 or above ratio on all of them. I am really looking for an invite to please because I love British television. I used to have a BitMeTV acct. but I let it sit, and I was deleted. Since that is one of the most difficult websites to become a member to, I am looking at getting my TV from TheBox.

    I can trade for something, but as many of you seem to think, trading goes against the ideals of filesharing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    if u mean
    it's sometimes open for signup
    u just need refresh your broswer.

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    i have checked like every day for 3 weeks...still full
    Wishing upon a star for: ScT, BitMeTV, FTN

    Thanks profeca for TheBox!


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