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Thread: question about image hosting

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    Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone can tell me of a free image hosting site that allows full size image displays, not thumbs, of adult content. I was using until today, when the site has seemed to have stopped working.
    thanx in advance,
    steve g.

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    41 - don't understand a word, only that it allow up to 5MB per file! - 5 mb max file size. And when uploading adult content you shouldn't forget to tick the option "adult content"
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    This one is recommended by an adult forum I visit from time to time: It's very good and fast.

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    imageshack is wonderful i use it all time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flicker View Post
    imageshack is wonderful i use it all time
    They don't like "adult" content though

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    yeah thats truth...but for everything else imageschake kick ass
    i love IC ...we are a great community and i hope that we will be even greater ..

    Never trade its just not right,and collecting trackers is not ok to...

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    Imageshack is great, but they dont allow 'adultī content.

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    I would recommend using The biggest benefit, is that they allow you to access your files from any other computer.


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