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    <span style='color:blue'>Help somebody,

    My AoM, that I have downloaded with Kazaa does not have caracters (people), in rest everything is OK ... soun, video, even movies ...

    What the f... shoul I do...

    I wrote another 2 CDs but all I get was the same problem ...

    PS ... during the instalation 2 files does not instal ... something about cursors ... at 90% of the instalation proces ...

    What should I do ....

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    Download a different (working) copy of the disks, dummy&#33;

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    is this game good?

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    Originally posted by David47@17 July 2003 - 20:58
    Download a different (working) copy of the disks, dummy&#33;
    How about we try to figure this out instead of wasting him so much time eh? Dummies i think we need more information whether this is a disc problem or a common problem with the game installation, what exactly does the error message say on the installation? Make sure to quote it word for word, number for get the idea.

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    aom sucks i bought it and its soooo retarded dont even waste ur time downlaoding

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    i thoght it looked quite good on the box

    but you should never buy microsoft


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