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    I haven't had time to do a hash folks, but here's the scoop....If you want a decent copy of a search on artist...APM PIO. The file is in 3 parts....Part 1 is 122360k....part 2 is 123958k...part 3 is 121972k. I've been downloading the TGF PIO and it is NOT very good, lots of degradation in the video. I'm in the process of downloading all 3 parts of the APM and it looks MUCH better. My hubby's in the hospital and I'm not on much, so this is the best I can do right now. Hope this helps!

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    Or you could get this one...

    Verified, best copy out

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    LOL like I said...I haven't been on much. I was just happy to find one that had sources and worked...I'm pretty easy to please

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    cheers shmiggy id been looking 4 that

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    The APM Version is out now, and much better then TCS.


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