Hi guys, im looking desperately for an invite to NB ..i know its a foreign tracker with nordic contents which i'm more than happy with. It will be another good foreign tracker to be part of. Im a n active good member with always a high solid ratio on all my trackers..i don't collect trackers and judge them by their level like some people. I actually join trackers for their contents and community and not their level ..high level doesn't mean anything. Trackers like TL i like a lot and i always use it often. So basically the reason why i want NB is for its nordic contents. If you require any proofs of any sort feel free to ask me for it. I'll get back to as soon as possible. Im not a trader and i definitely won't cheat and abuse the account i get in anyway. Don't worry, anyone who invites me i won't let them down ever.

Hopefully someone can help me out if they have a spare invite.

Thanks a lot in advance