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Thread: What's the Oink Successor?

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    johnloyd's Avatar Member
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    Nov 2007
    I've been so lonely since oink went down. What's the alternative now?
    I checked out this morning and it doesn't seem to be a torrent site any more, my computer isn't loading, and i don't know anyone with a invite to give.
    someone help me figure this one out. Thanks!

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    sleepyy's Avatar Old-Fashioned BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    Oct 2007
    There aint one

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    sexydingo's Avatar ☆Trance Addict☆ BT Rep: +8BT Rep +8
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    The Shades
    The short answer here is that there is no true OiNK successor. My best suggestion would be to go with and hope that it improves or use it to hold you over til a better site comes along. As for I think its troubles as of late are going to drive it into the ground.

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    There isn't one but if I had to choose one of the current sites out now: Waffles all the way.

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    depends what music your into, 0-day music is on most music trackers and for older stuff I am currently using STmusic/libble but haven't bothered trying any of the new sites like waffle yet. not used even used STmusic/libble much but they seems to be developing well since Oink went down.

    indietorrents isn't an alternative to OiNk, it's good for what it is but only allows music not protected by the RIAA which means it's not for most people.

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    trackerspy BT Rep: +2
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    May 2007
    for the moment there are/was 4 possible successors: what, waffles, themusik, uakari
    At the moment:

    What: down
    Waffles: lot of torrents and at moment invites disabled.
    Themusik: a few members and torrents.
    Uakari: shuted down

    so the winner is... waffles! but waffles doesn't have that amount of members... so will see...

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    I have waffles and I really like it. Themusik had a couple things I was looking for but waffles had more of the same artist. I can't say for since they've been down alot. But that doesn't mean they won't be really good after they get their errors fixed.

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    stmusic has about 30,000 torrents. and waffles has about 18,000 of music torrents.

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