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Thread: Foobar VS WMP Question

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    I gots a question. I started using Foobar recently and noticed that one of my 1 hour mixes got split up into tracks. What I mean to say is that on WMP the 1 hour mix appears as a single track whereas on Foobar the 1 hour mix has been split up into its component song tracks. I know this really doesn't make a difference 'cuz Foobar has that "gapless music" thing and I actually find this a lot more convenient. But then I noticed some my other 1 hour mixes remained as a single track. Now my question (finally) why do some split while others don't? And how do I know the 1 hour mix I'm dling will be split? woo that was a mouthful, thanks for any answers!

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    Have a look in the actual folders of your albums that are getting split. Do they contain cue files? (You can view them in Notepad or similar if you like.) I think foobar can read cue sheets and will appear to split the file into tracks accordingly. Also some audio files can have embedded cue sheets. Check the file properties within foobar or another capable program.

    It's really a GOOD thing! It doesn't affect the actual music file - it just instructs the player to break it up into the correct tracks for your convenience.


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