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Thread: Cheapest Cable Or Dsl With An Isp

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    Does anybody know, because I'm tired of looking.

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    If you are in the us go to, ans serch in your area

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    Aight, I didn't think of that....thanks.

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    Go w/ earthlink cable. 2mbs down and 384 up (though people say they got far better up than advertise.) its only 29.95 the first six month and only 41.95 afterward.

    P.S. im not working for earthlink. its just that since i switch from msn broadband (stay far away) i really like earthlink.

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    United Kingdom
    Gio Internet:

    512/256Kbps ADSL 50:1
    No Restrictions!!!

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    Kazaaliterock, I can't get earthlink in my area.

    And I'll look at Gio's website.

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    Bump. many people from recomend earthlink. btw, where do you live.

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    I live in Laurel,MS. sucks ass.

    And that Gio company is in the UK...

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    guess gio isnt an option for me (US)

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    Not much use to you guys, but in the UK I get the NTL cable Silver Service level, which is 25pm. It's supposed to run at 60K/sec, but it's closer to 75. In 6 months it has also never once been down, so if you can get it, forget ADSL- much more reliable. It's a great mid level service, and over here we have to drool with envy at the Americans with 300K/sec. Lucky sods.

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