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Thread: I need an invite to get me started...

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    Ok, so here's the deal. I'm a huge fan of music. I'd really like a or invite since OinK got shutdown. I was a member of OinK for 6 months w/ 11 GB UL'ed, 15 GB DL'ed and 11, or so, of my own albums UL'ed. The problem now is that everywhere I look I need proof of ratios. I'm not a member of any other private torrent, with the exception of TV Torrents where I have a 34 GB Credit. However, that can be purchased so it's not showing much. I really, really need some invites to some smaller torrent sites (TorrentLeach?). I'm not familiar with many of them, but all I want them for is to DL a bit, and get a good ratio so that I can trade up for another music tracker. If anybody could help me out, that'd be a huge help. Thanks for reading!

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