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Thread: Need Ntfs For Win98

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    As topic sais, im looking for this program called NTFS For Win98. It basically lets you see NTFS partitions / hard drives wile using windows 95/98/ME.

    I was just gonna download the trial but whats the point if the files are read-only

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    Captain Nemo does the same thing I think. There are several versions for windows , linux, and NTFS

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    and switching of the "read only" in the "properties" when you rightclick on it ?

    but does it make any difference ?

    anyway there are some freeware programs available like bootit,
    click here for download

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    Hey thanks for the alternatives .

    I was just thinking, it isnt fair for people that have bought windows 98 AND windows xp and want to duel boot that micro$oft havent release an official patch for Fats32 OS's to be able to read ntfs file system.

    Damnit thats not fair.

    Forgot to ask, will i be able to run apps from an ntfs partiton while in windows 98 with them other programs ?

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    I'm not sure if you can run them or just view them. I know the linux version makes media files from windows run in linux but....

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    I just thought that I'd point out, Windows 98 knows about NTFS drives. The technology was around back then. If you setup a FAT boot partition, you can load Windows 98 on a NTFS partition without an issue.


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