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    How long do most private sites keep a record of there old users?

    I used to be a member of a nice small community about 8-9 months ago but due to limited bandwidth just ended up using other sites that i had a some buffer on the ratio and my account eventually got pruned.

    Anyways i have proof of my membership etc and i've been contemplating for a while about asking some ppl about whether i could get back into the community. Since joining here i see that some of the site moderators are members and i'm wondering if i should ask them. I've been hesitant just cos i feel like it's trying to scam an invite, but if they have a record of my account then i'd feel alot better asking.


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    It usually depends on whether the account has been deleted or disabled. If it was only disabled then it might still be there. If the account has been deleted then its gone and there wont be a record of it.

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    bump, any other opinions?

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    I believe a lot of trackers, especially the high ranking ones, keep a record of the username, ip address or email address used when initially opening the account. That way, if an account was banned, pruned or disabled - they have a record of this.

    All of this depends solely on the site itself and its staff.
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    That changes from one to another, I guess...

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    The way you describe it, you were simply pruned for inactivity and not because you couldn't keep a ratio - at least you didn't mention a ban or disabled account. I'm sure that trackers keep some of your user-data/details if you were disabled for a reason (ie cheating, low-ratio, double accounts, trading, etc) but as you simply went inactive, your details are likely to be lost.

    Why don't you ask for an invite to the site in the appropriate place?

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    If they were smart, they'd keep no records of any kind (on the server).


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