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Thread: xbox360 or ps3?

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    please help me decide which is better and what should i buy.

    also consider modchips, graphics, and all the other stuff.

    thank you.

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    Xbox 360
    dont u see how many games r on 360
    n Xbox got better future

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    На С&#
    ps 3 is the best game cosole or psp

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    Quote Originally Posted by WARLOCK View Post
    Xbox got better future
    It is actually Xbox has a better future. But seriously, the PS3 is more future proof because of Blue Ray discs.

    The Xbox 360 is easier to develop games on and it can be modded, as opposed to the PS3, as of now.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dex View Post
    ps 3 is the best game cosole or psp
    Please back up your opinion with facts or no one will pay attention to what you say.
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    if u absolutely have to buy a system now, get the 360

    if u can wait a year or so, wait for what the ps3 will become
    -more ram (one of the only setbacks that sometimes makes the 360's graphx look better)
    -45 and 36nm cell processors
    -linux = extreme modding potential
    -blu ray 100gb and 500gb disks available with just a firmware upgrade to the ps3

    but if u really want t a system now, then the 360 is a better choice.

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    You should go to, and check out the game trailers and future releases and stuff if it just comes down to games.

    I personally think the PS only games are better than Xbox only games.
    The only games I ever liked on my Xbox that were released for "only" XBox were Halo and Fable, and they were both released on PC. The rest of the good games that I can think of were also released on PS2.
    If Microsoft is going to continue to do that theres really no point in buying a 360.
    If your computer is powerful enough you can just buy a controller for it and play the games when they get released for it.

    Plus, if you're interested in watching Blu-Ray or HD Movies on the system you get, the PS3 already has the player built in to watch Blu-Ray, and Xbox you have to BUY the HDDVD player SEPARATE. (and its a little under $200)

    I'm gonna buy a PS3 around Christmas,
    I think it's gonna be a better investment in the long run.
    it may be more expensive,
    but it really isn't if you want to watch HQ DVDs, too.
    it's not moddable yet to play downloaded games,
    but if you have a GameStop, they have some pretty cheap used PS3 games.
    It's game list isn't as big now, but it hasn't been around as long as 360.
    I think the games it has out now GOOD games, not just a bunch of shit to add quantity.
    I think it has some fantastic games coming out.
    I look forward to the future installments of games I like on PS2.
    And chances are it's price isn't going to go down too much for quite a while.
    Whereas the 360 might be down a lot in a year and will be very easy to buy then instead.

    If you haven't go to a game store and play both systems (I believe they're both loaded with quite a few different games) you should do it.

    And if you had a preference between Xbox and PS2, you could probably answer your own question.

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    You should know that next year the Xbox 360 CPU and GPU will be changed to a 65nm architecture (it will be cooler, quieter, and very slightly more efficient).

    I, myself, might buy a PS3 once they sell them with Dualshock 3. By then they should have a good selection of games. One console is good enough for me but rumble, a motion sensing controller and a hi def player that supports games and movies is a huge plus compared to the Xbox 360 and it is a great deal just even for the hi def player. I just wished I could have stayed with one console.

    I know that I will never buy the Wii.

    Now: Xbox 360
    Future: PS3
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