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    awoeonip's Avatar Need a light? BT Rep: +15BT Rep +15BT Rep +15
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    Jun 2007
    I have 2 invites I'm giving away. Prove to me that you are trustworthy

    No PMs please....I'll let you know if I need your e-mail.

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    sanjana's Avatar Cherish your life... BT Rep: +15BT Rep +15BT Rep +15
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    I am sorry. If I am not trustworthy here I will not posted this request. However, you cannnot measure the trustworthy. however the only way you can think that a person is trustworthy here based on his ratio, posts and giveaways.

    However, if you think you can think that I am trustworthy you can giveaway the invitation. I will remember you and also I don't have the invitation. I do follow the rules and do have very good reputation. If you want I can show you the proof.

    Thank you for nice giveaway...
    I am proud to be a part of this communities.


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