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Thread: Good Software To Make Video Cds?

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    Hi i was wondering what is a good software to make Video CDs?

    I used Roxio but something happened and its not allowing me to use it.



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    Well you found the worst possible. My methos (works good for me for SVCD) is in the link in my signature, with links to all the required pograms.

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    i use TMPGenc to convert to VCD, SVCD. xVCD and burn using nero or vcdeasy

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    Hi, I use EO Video to convert, and Nero to burn to disc. Here's the link to EO Video:
    EO Video link

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    yeah nero is really good to burn vcd's
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    ahead nerovision burns them great for me

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    Ok, now this is my problem

    I need to make a CD like this:

    6 tracks with audio and then
    add 5 music videos as VCD to the CD.

    Ive done this before with Roxio. When i put the finalized CD on a regular CD player only the audio tracks appear, but when i put it on a DVD player all 11 tracks are there.

    Can Nero do this?

    and how...

    Thanks very much


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    I only use Roxio for burning music but for movies has to be nero
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    i use nero also-i just tried using the wizard to make an audio/vcd but couldnt-
    message improper media when i tried to add the audio with vid-i always
    use it for all vids/movie or all audio.... if it were me ide go to
    and atleast check to so what they have a atleast you could see if they offer a
    nero program (try and buy) or free...just have to watch that adware/spyware
    from anything you download from them. ilike nero but i have to admit
    thats all iv ever used.


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