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Thread: Making .cue Files

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    Ok i was reading some of these BIN file questions and stuff and i sort of now want to know this...

    How do i make my own CUE file?

    How do you make one with nothing? Like without editing another CUE file how do i make my own? And also...can u use CUE files to burn videos onto CD's also? I want to learn how to make CUE files for Videos and programs.


    I use Nero 5

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    You can use Alcohol 120% to make a Bin and Cue cd image fileset.

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    Do you have an existing .cue file for another disc image?
    If so, open it with Notepad and see what it looks like. It's nothing really, just tells the burning
    program what file to actually burn (the .bin) and how to burn it.

    Here's an example:
    FILE "Microsoft.Exchange.Server.Enterprise.V2003-ISO.ShareReactor.bin" BINARY
      TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
        INDEX 01 00:00:00
    I don't really know how to determine the proper burning mode for a filetype, but you can
    generally modify the "quotated" filename in a .cue to match the target .bin, then save it with
    a name matching that of the .bin, and it'll usually work. Someone clever here can probably
    tell you the common Modes.

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