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Thread: Uninstallingwmp 9

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    how do i uninstall wmp9 on XP?

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    Use system restore, go back to before it was installed. It's the only way I know of.

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    There is a way to completly remove it from your system, including registry keys and system files. I found some pretty long instructions on Microsoft's Knowledge Base. If you wanna spend the time and mess with your registry go ahead and do a search on the M$ site.

    There is an easier way too! Try XPlite, its still in beta but it should be out really soon and it can remove basically all windows components, including Internet Explorer + HTML engine and Outlook Express. Eh, did I mention you have to pay for it? Anyway, as soon as its out you can probably download a copy from KaZaA or try the Napalm FTP Indexer.

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    God dam i have bin wanting ages 2 removie WMP 9 i wish i had not updated , i have nuthing but trouble...


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