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    I'm going to buy a DVD burner but i'm not sure which is better, DVD-R or DVD+R? Coz i found one thats DVD-R and really cheap and i want to know if its any good.

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    None of them are better, those are just two different formats that are not compatible with each other. There are DVD burners that support both formats! I suggest you buy a NEC DRW-NE-0ND1100A. This drive has been reviewed several times by many sites and is very good and cheap! Go to PriceWatch and look for the lowest price.

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    Theres some info from another discussion on this forum here and i would recommend reading the comments people have put in at

    Dvd-r is the most widely supported by standalone players DVD+r lags behind slightly (a few %) , but is technically the better format. Combo +- drives offer the best future proofing. If ur buying it to create dvds to watch on another player, check what kind of disks the other player can take first!!

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    what would be better to burn PS2 games?

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    shoutman Posted on 17 July 2003 - 01:27

    what would be better to burn PS2 games?
    You need a Mod Chip to make the DVD playable. If you already have one grab the NEC DRW-NE-0ND1100A DVD burner, download the game and burn it to a DVD, thats it.

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    I bought a Sony DW-U10 A Multiburner drive that supports both + and -. So far I have only used DVD- RW, simply because my standalone DVD player supports that format. The quality is superb and I think you will find that most stand alone players support - rather than +, though this will probably change soon.

    The player is region locked (or was in my case), but even without changing this it will burn any region DVD, as long as you have an unlocked drive to read the original DVD with.

    Hope this helps.

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    I too have a Sony DW-U10
    And like Rhydian I have only used DVD- RW
    I agree with him about the quality.

    I understand that DVD+RW is technically better that DVD-RW, maybe that is why some of the (writer) manufacturers who originally only supported DVD-RW and now switching to dual format. I haven't noticed any of the 'DVD+RW only' writer manufacturers doing the same.
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