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Thread: what the hell??

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    wrong thread i know,but look what mail i just received

    Dear registered user of the site,
    We have recently been investigating the activities of the users of the
    site and we have found that this site exists for
    sole purpose of music piracy.

    Pirating music is a criminal offence and we believe it should be
    to you that the results outweigh the benefits - hard working artists
    won't be rewarded for their work and will stop producing music,
    ultimately leading to a severely reduced selection of music both in the

    shops and for download.

    The RIAA had hoped that the disabling by the police of the large
    music site,, would stop a lot of people from engaging in
    as they don't want to be seen as criminals. However, this appears to
    not be the case, as two large new sites have sprung up in its place.

    This email is the final warning to all of you who were members of and are current members of If we find you to be
    committing any more criminal acts of piracy then we will have to press
    charges against you, as representatives of the major record companies

    Yours Faithfully,

    The RIAA

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    Search the forums a bit before you go posting like this, it's already been proven it's fake.

    Music lover, baby.


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