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Thread: Diet K 2.5 Released

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    Release Dates:
    DK2.5: July16th/17th
    DK2.5 Pro: Few days after
    DK3.0: Few weeks after, it will only include one major difference than 2.5.

    This will be an update primarily designed to add support for Kazaa 2.5. The current version of Kazaa 2.5 breaks some of the secret tricks of DietK, but we have found even more ways, and significantly improved the DK protection. Of course, DK still only uses legal coding to achieve its glory.

    DK 2.5 has many new features, but several of them are disabled. We were not originally planning on releasing another version of DK before DK Pro was finished, but the Kazaa 2.5 users needed this update and we're here to accomodate the users.

    Whats new?

    -Faster code overall
    -Reduced resource usage
    -Completely nueters Kazaa 2.5
    - Detects and removes (for Kazaa 2.5):
    .....BullGuard P2P start up installer
    .....Altnet Peer Points Manager
    .....My Search Bar
    .....Joltid's P2P Networking
    -Special new stuff for Kazaa 2.5 (To be announced when DK 2.5 is released)
    -Improved Buddy List for Kazaa
    -Fixed roughly 10 bugs since DietK 2.0 rc2

    What's disabled?
    The DK menus for search integration and the webpage URL searching features are disabled. This is because they will take some time to update for Kazaa 2.5 but they are not the most important parts of DK. We will update the searching ASAP.
    download link should be up soon, they are waiting on

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    Originally posted by Livy@17 July 2003 - 12:18
    DK3.0: Few weeks after, it will only include one major difference than 2.5.
    Any idea what this change will be? (I tried the website and their forum but couldn't find anything )

    Edit: found it:

    DK is going to have plug-in system. When you first download DK, it will just be a plain old Diet K spyware blocker, etc., with a lot of new features of course.

    So far, these are the current plug-ins that will be available.
    Each will be seperate and entirely optional.

    - Pop Gun (Pop-Up Blocker Tool)
    - Memory Custodian (RAM and Page File Memory Optimizer)
    - Modem Wax (Internet Connection tweaker)
    - ???NAME??? (Firewall Bypass Tool for users at Edu/corporate Networks)

    Diet K itself and all the plug-ins are all finalized. All that you are waiting for is the plug-in system which is being worked on as you read this.


    So far the current features have been added:

    - Minor Bug fixes from the RC2 version
    - Optimization of code and smaller file
    - More Sources & Results are being tweaked, along with DKnob [Chip]
    - AVI Preview has been implemented directly into KaZaA [Chip]
    - 100% compatibility with Kazaa Lite and K++ [Chip]
    - POP GUN has been finalized and added. POP GUN is one of the most advanced pop up blockers on the market. It allows you to click links and open them in a new window unlike most blockers. Ever click a thumbnail for a picture hoping to see the full version and your pop up blocker blocks it? This will solve your problem. [Chip]
    - A completely new Internet Accelerator has been added. The new internet accelerator will optimize any connection or operating system for not only KaZaA but for downloading in general. [Syn]

    What is being worked on:

    - A new PL cheat that allows you to make up your own rank, for example "DK Master" instead of "Supreme Being". Along with many other new PL features. [Syn]
    - A RAM sweeper that clears out unused RAM, which optimizes your system. [Chip & Syn]
    - IP Browser will hopefully be tweaked and fixed for easier use. [Chip]

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    hmm seems like it isnt there anymore, the post refering to the download is now gone.


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