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Thread: First giveaway, a small one

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    This is my first giveaway and im just offering some sites that are pretty easy to get, but since i have already gotten some invites for free i felt like it is time to give some back.

    3 STmusic
    5 VIPmusic
    2 Kraytracker
    2 The Horror Charnel
    1 TTi
    2 SCC

    I want one ratioproof. If you are looking for Kray or Horror Charnel i would like a good motivation why you deserve a invite to one of these trackers. Dont apply for free invites just to add another tracker to your tracker collection. Apply if ur are going to use the tracker.

    PM me your email after you have posted. If you get an invite id like some BTrep <3

    Happy torrenting
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