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    Help is requested.
    they all just ignored me in the gameworld forum.

    buildver.cfg error:

    I DLed the ISO from kazaa
    i extract the ISO files onto my HD with WinISO
    Install was perfect, no errors

    i update to newest version 2.15
    i put in the crack of that newest version 2.15
    when I run it, it says:

    'Tried to read from a zip file buildver.cfg that was not open'

    and stops.

    then they tell me to burn it with nero and then try to install
    i burn Spearhead ISO with nero, then when i install, it gets to
    87%, and says "Plz insert disk1 that contains"
    so i select the folder in the cd which contains the file, and it keeps popping up with the same message "Plz insert disk1 that contains"
    this does not happen when i extract the contents of the ISO with WinISO and install, but when i install it off my HD, i get the "buildver.cfg" error when i start spearhead.

    heres something else i tried:

    i tried to copy the buildver.cfg, localize.cfg, and autoexec.cfg from "/mainta/pak1.pk3" to "/mainta/pak2.pk3"

    then it loads up, past the small dialog box, and goes full screen

    then the screen turns gray.

    i can see and move the mouse cursor, but it doesnt go into the game menu

    i know this isnt a vid card prob cuz i can run mohaa just fine.

    plz help./


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    im not sure exactly whats wrong, but that sounds like alot of shit to deal with. try downloading the spearhead with the file size 748,094, or something. sounds like yours is all fucked up


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