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Thread: Msn worm...

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    So right now I've got this msn worm (of I think I do). Randomly it will send messages to my friends saying something like "Hey, look at these crazy facebook pictures". My sister fell for it and now I get to pass on the joy.

    I ran spybot S&D, and removed everything it said I had but I still get the problem. I;ve looked around on google and it says to fix it I need to delete files I dont have.

    So, I'm running Pandas online scan, and Its already picked up 70 things that spybot seems to have missed.

    I'm out of date with this stuff, I've been using nod32 for years..Is it still one of the best? What should I use to actually get rid of all this spyware?

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    I still think NOD32 is awesome. I'm assuming you did run a scan with it(and with it updated). If that didn't help, and neither did spybot, try using combofix, and hijackthis. If you aren't familiar with HJT, run it with the save a log file option and upload it to this site to analyze it, then follow its suggestions.

    If you have a question about an item on the log or the site's recommendation, just ask, I've been looking at those logs for a bit before I found that website.


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