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Thread: Nanotechnology/psychotropic Nanomachines

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    just thought ide list a few sights on nanotechnology if anybody has or might have an interest.
    thesetwo have many links this is unreal
    goto biochips/implants
    goto 2020 neural chip implant letter
    if you dont go to any of the other sights you really ought check
    this out some scary stuff / but to think it could also lead to near
    immortality someday in a way that sounds cool but in another
    even scarier than this out for big brother
    in the supposedfuture reality could make orwells book
    sound good. sound be thejudge...

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    Welcome to the board, but i think that last website belongs in the funny stuff section of the board
    Any chance of a summary on the first one cos i didn't fancy reading it all

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    Remarkable to see a topic as this on the same forumpage as the ones about abortion and euthanasia.
    All deal with the improvement (or deterioration ) of quality of life.

    Nanotechnology appears to be potentially to most radical change in the next decade next to genetic manipulation and considering the corporate interrests unstoppable .

    Apart from use in medicine ,I don't think mankind will greatly benefit from it but it is there and will soon change everyones life.

    (btw 1st link is from 1999 :a lot has happened since.)

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    nanotech research has been funded though the US military budget since the mid '70s
    research 'utility fog' for a really out there stated research aim
    i researched for most of a year to find it, so if at first you don't succeed...[try a big university library stack]
    like all tech it is a two edged sword

    imagine how horrible it would be if the military could make weapons as agile as wasps, but imagine how great it would be if your own blood could surgically remove cancer, unblock arteries or clean your lungs

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    exactly, if implemented properly, you could be given an injection at birth with nanotechnology, which repairs cancer, stops infection

    however, wouldnt it suck if the goverment injected soldiers with a bot that poisoned your blood stream or in some other way killed you if you fell into enemy hands?

    Potentially, you could have a self destruct mechanism implanted in every human being without them knowing it

    pie-in-the-sky i know, but possible

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    Woul this "technology" make it possible for Sandra Bullock to fall in love with me?
    If so, I'm all for it!!!

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    Originally posted by Ron@23 July 2003 - 18:57
    Woul this "technology" make it possible for Sandra Bullock to fall in love with me?
    If so, I'm all for it!!!

    I think I'd have her gagged first if I were you.


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    I think nanotech is the way of the future; hopefully it will be used mostly in medicine.

    Suggested read: "PREY" by Michael Crichton. (Very cool)

    If someone read it, let me know.

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    Originally posted by Ron@23 July 2003 - 18:57
    Woul this "technology" make it possible for Sandra Bullock to fall in love with me?
    If so, I'm all for it!!!
    That reminded me of a movies she was in.

    Love Potion No.9

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    Oh, please...
    Go, nanotech!

    It must go forward!

    Carefully, though.
    “Think about how stupid the average person is, and then realize that half of 'em are stupider than that.” -George Carlin


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