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    Hi I was using my realone player today and i wanted to know what the latest version of it was so i can download it. So i looked on the website www.realone.comand it said something about a realone superpass. but it never said what version it was. so i am downloading version 9.0 of realone player, is that the newest version?
    right now i have version


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    yea, i think dat version 9.0 is the latest version. y do ya use real 1 anyway.

    try JETAUDIO

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    or try Real alternative

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    That's what i hate about Real 1 and Quicktime , they have a new version out or an update out evry 2 days or sumthing...

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    Does anyone have the superpass hack?

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    I went to your kazaa lite. What is this web site? It was different thant the one I get? I have been very unhappy with kazaa lite. It keeps crashing even though I have tried to do all the fac stuff listed. It also doesn't download well. Would anything on your kazaa site be helpful. Thanks Robert


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