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    hi, i am an emule newbie i have been using since 2 days ago, now i heard about something in emule called a credit system can this be hacked or cracked like kazaa? because i heard it is supposed to be able to make your downloads faster or something?

    help would be appreciated!

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    i beleive emule has a good credit system, unlike kazaa system, just leave it as it is.

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    the credit system of emule is different, VERY different from the partitipation level of kazaa. the PL of kazaa is so bad, that it should never have been introduced by sharman at all!

    the emule credit system simply make you give credits for people who upload to YOU. if they want something you share then they get a small benefit. something like instead of waiting 3 hours in your que, the only have to wait 1. or something like that. you get credits from people whom you upload to.
    basically, this allows a file to spread faster. you usually only get to use credits if you and the other guy are after the same file. so you tend to share chunks with eachother, until you both have the file. also works well when downloading TV-series, since it's always the same users who like the show!

    the credit system is fair, but if you don't want to give credits to others you can turn it off in preferences. and your credits are stored on the OTHER guys computer. his credits are stored on YOURS. (in credits.met) this means that the only way to steal credits is to impersonate another innocent user! don't do that.

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    hmmmmm for one thanks for the reply gies! and so i should just leave it as it is and not touch a thing? and also when people upload from you does this slow down the download? i am on 56k and if so what are the best settings/best way to go?

    thanks again


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