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View Poll Results: When do you give out Rep Points???

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  • After receiving an invite

    40 47.62%
  • If the poster has made a great point about something

    6 7.14%
  • If the poster is giving away something for free

    4 4.76%
  • Rep Points don't matter

    27 32.14%
  • Never

    7 8.33%
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Thread: Rep Points... Do they really Matter

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    DannyGnXz's Avatar Just say NO 2 Tradin BT Rep: +3
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    Jun 2005
    For the past few weeks, I have been giving away invites to various places, some a quite difficult to get, but none the less - FREE. Expecting nothing in return for my generosity to some well deserving people.

    I did not start my own thread of give aways because I did not want to break any rules about giving away invites to certain trackers on public forums. I only asked that Rep Points be left as a token of their appreciation.

    Needless to say I was basically blown off.

    Should I be pissed about this? or Is that what I should expect?

    Why bother you ask?

    I've been trying to get invited to FSC. Everyone says the same thing: Be active in the forums and build up your "Rep Points" and one day you'll get an invite to FSC un-expectantly. Some thing is broke here.

    Why FSC you ask? I've been trying to quench my thirst of MMA, boxing and wrestling. Among other things. Now and again I like to go back in the past and check out old matches. Not to many of these lying around at other various locations. I have stuff I like to upload myself but fighting stuff is not appreciated in some communities.

    So I ask, are Rep Points really worth all that? When do you give them out?

    The Spirit of Something Greater

  2. BitTorrent   -   #2
    Actatoi's Avatar 2+2 is 5 if I say so BT Rep: +2
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    Aug 2007
    For me they do not matter, I gave away one beacuse the guy asked for it after giving me a free invite. Some people care about it though.
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    TriviuM's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100
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    Sep 2007
    im not to botherd but to me it seems like a good way of saying thanks to a certain extent, now this somtimes gets taken the wrong way by ome people but. it can be a decent thing if you think about it, yeah you get some 1 with 200 posts but what dose that say about their generousity so it might help having it.


  4. BitTorrent   -   #4
    SiNa's Avatar Lucid Dreaming BT Rep: +55BT Rep +55BT Rep +55BT Rep +55BT Rep +55BT Rep +55BT Rep +55BT Rep +55BT Rep +55BT Rep +55BT Rep +55
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    Jun 2007
    Usually you give rep point to someone who has done a good giveaway (meaning giving away good trackers and also high level) or when you have traded with the guy.
    now if you didnt recieve a rep point its either because what you gave away was not a "hard to get" tracker, like torrent-damage or simply because the guy is a jerk

    i think rep points do matter, however sometimes you do not need to show off your rep points because everyone knows how well respected you are.

    if that was your first giveaway then dont worry, just give away more and you will more than likely to receive many rep points
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    znik's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +50BT Rep +50BT Rep +50BT Rep +50BT Rep +50BT Rep +50BT Rep +50BT Rep +50BT Rep +50BT Rep +50
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    Aug 2005
    Certainly Rep points do not mean anything to me.
    I have seen a lot of scammers all these years with dozens of rep points.

    Some months ago they were called trading points and were meant to be given only after a successful trade.
    Later on they were called "Bittorent points", since most of the times they were given as a token of respect and appreciation after a free invite was sent.

    I have given a lot of free invites. Some of my invitees have given me a point, others didn't. It's up to the others to appreciate your gesture or not.

    Some people think their e-penis will grow if they get many points and they require you to rep them in order to invite you somewhere.

    Points are not your passport to the rare trackers. Friendship really iS!

    It' just that some people require you to have a minimum amount of points in order to be eligible for their giveaways, which is wrong in my opinion, but nonetheless is a reality.
    Some people also trade only with people with a certain status of points.

    If you don't participate in giveaways and you don't trade, you don't have to prove anything and you don't need the stars and points.
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  6. BitTorrent   -   #6
    kaffeine's Avatar No queda el tiempo
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    Jul 2007
    They don't mean anything really. It's nice to receive a 'thank you' after helping someone out (it's the least someone can say after being helped by others, but some are just immature and really ungrateful), but if that's said in the thread or by pm, rep points are unnecessary.

    Many traders determine how "trusted" a member is for a certain trade, based on the number of rep points and their post count. Supposedly, the more points, the more trustworthy. But I've seen members with many points accused of being scammers and cheaters, so you can't base your trust on that..

    You know a member after reading all of his/her posts and history (attitude, comments on certain things, maturity of their responses, etc).

    For me those points certainly are worthless. A simple thank you is enough.
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  7. BitTorrent   -   #7
    psxcite's Avatar Pimpilicious Penguin
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    Feb 2006
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    I have mixed feelings on this subject. I have given out quite a few rep points primarily due to the request from an inviter. But I have always told people that I have helped not to rep me. Basically because I always assumed at first glance it indicates your reputation as a trader, which I am not.

    I, of course, realize that reps can be distributed for various reasons. I just never ask anyone I give an invite to indicated it in anyway other than to say thanks. And hopefully, I have a new friend. Pretty much every person on my buddy list has been someone who has helped me or I have helped in some way.

    Maybe I'm wrong. It happens once or twice a year. But I don't think post count or rep stats will be a deciding factor in determinig your admission to some of the premier forums and sites.
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  8. BitTorrent   -   #8
    FSC [Fight Club] BT Rep: +2
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    May 2006
    Well in reference to FSC....from my point of view, rep points are a negative. To me they mean you contribute to the insecurity of the BT community as a whole, as most sites do not allow giveaways or trades, hence you are breaking their rules, why would i not expect you to break ours.
    My minimum requirements for an invite are well documented. The first thing: something needs to grab my attention, quality posts, character, contribution & membership term. Negatives: Trades, giveaways, breaking site rules, rudeness, etc. If the positives outweigh the negatives, i do a deeper inspection.....i wont go into how/what/where.
    -Honestly, while you have been a member here since 2005, you have only recently started posting (less than a month), so i dont know you nor have i seen many of your comments.
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    Polarbear's Avatar deep funk BT Rep: +5
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    Sep 2007
    behind the turntables
    don't have any - didn't give any ----> [X] Rep points don't matter

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    fazzy07's Avatar Something Something BT Rep: +60BT Rep +60BT Rep +60BT Rep +60BT Rep +60BT Rep +60BT Rep +60BT Rep +60BT Rep +60BT Rep +60BT Rep +60BT Rep +60
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    Aug 2007
    I dont know why lot of trackers give giveaway such a bad name
    If it wasn't for the generosity and giveaways of members I would have been still stuck on demonoid( which is no more )
    Some people I have invited here have been far better then the ones I know personally in real life
    I have seen people giving away invites on irc without proofs of any kind and without knowing those individuals.
    Atleast when I pick from here I know the history of the member and can decide whether to pick him or not
    And rep would mean nothing to some people but my judgement of giving invites here is mostly the reps and the posts

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