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Thread: Which System

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    im planning on rebuying a console except i dont know which one. i had all three and sold it because i didnt like almost all the game on the market. now im thinking of buying one back cuz i hate playin game on pc. im a big fan of rpg so im leaning toward the ps2.

    Please dont make this post turn into a console war.

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    Well PS2s do have the most RPGs on the market.
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    PS2 definately has the largest range of rpg's on the market besides the GBA, so i'd go for that.

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    thanks and i like the type of rpg like final fantasy not real time rpg like morrowind. i guess im going to get the ps2. now which game would u recomend. i heard suikoden 3 was really good.

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    There are a lot of good rpg for PS2. Suikeden 3 is really good. You can play it many times through till you see everything. Xenosaga is a really good scifi rpg that's a prequel to Xenogears. Any of the Final Fantasys are good. Grandia games are good. .Hack are too but too short. There are also a ton of great RPG for the PSX. Arc the Lad is cool too.

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    .hack seem a little too fast past but ill look into it and all the other games u suggested are great. ill probably get all of them w/ my ps2 along w/ a new tv (flat screen). get the money from my grandpa. he just got a check for 15g because he won a case against some company that injure him while he work there. i get 3g out of that 15g. hehe im so spoil.

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    Damn, cool...

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    ill think ill be getting some type of strength training equipment too. sitting around playing game for the past two month kinda made me outta shape. have ane of u heard of the total gym?

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    Yea my total gym includes a 18 pack of Molson Canadian, a few thick blunts, and a couple of pizza's!! :beerchug: What's your's got?? lol

    Had to edit lol, It includes also a recliner with a 2.8gig laptop and vietgong online installed. lol

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