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Thread: Another Warcraft 3 Question

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    I've downloaded Warcraft 3 the razor 1911 iso. Feeling stupid but I've done iso's a hundred times but I must have forgot something and I've checked other posts with no real help. I know the razor 1911 file has the no-cd crack and key gen but my problem is when I go to install after entering the key and file destination it keeps coming up with error - unable to find cd to install, I've done winiso and applied the no-cd crack to the same file I extracted the game to, also burnt the iso to cd and tried installing but unable to get it past the point of that error. can someone with a brain (obviously not me right now) tell me how to get it installed properly pleaseeeeee. I've went through the faq and did a search in forum before I asked such a newbie question but to no avail. Thanks in advance :beerchug:

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    Your iso is probably corrupted.

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    Thinks so, is there any other suggestions??

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    Unless that is the first game to use the cd protection to install the game - then yes it must be corrupted - missing a file.

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    Well I'll have to download a diffrent one I guess, thanks all. By the way how many megs is the game in iso by razor 1911 if someone has a working version?? Thanks!!

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    i have had the same problem with the same download. the game loads correctly, but it is when i try the no cd crack the the error occurs. it is missing a dll file and wont run. im trying to find other cd cracks but so far all have ha the same missing dll file.


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