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Thread: Torrent Download Speed Question???

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    Hey guys help me out please...what is the difference in speed i would be getting rite now i have two options LVL 4 package and this
    • The fastest Internet in Western Canada.
    • - $179.95/mth
    • - Download Speed: 50 Mbps
    • - Upload Speed: 10 Mbps
    • - Dynamic IPs: 2
    • - Email Accounts: 10
    • - Email Account Space: 100 MB
    • - Personal Web Space: 100 MB
    • - Domain Hosting: Optional
    • - Data Transfer: 320 GB

    There is a big price differecne....but Novus says all o of its internet options have a dedicated port....i want to go for the seedbox but i have no idea on setup i will try and use the search thing...but any other help would be great.. Thanks

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    Data Transfer only 320 GB...Thats too less dude...for the speed u will be getting..

    You will get 6mb/s download speed...i.e 21 GB/hr so even if u you download for 5hrs/day

    Your limit will be over in 3 days..
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    Not worth it.

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    320Gig/month Too small a limit

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    i got a 1TB about 5 days ago and over 500GB of that is gone already, so 350GB definitely wont be enough.

    Wishing for a FTN or SCC invite

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    this looks will exceed your bandwidth in a week. and the price...holy shit!!! you could get a good seedbox for less

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    thanks for the input guys...looks like i will be going for seedbox now VECTOROL is it called i heard some goood stuff about it


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