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Thread: Movie Maker Help

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    Can anyone help me with my problem? i made a movie with windows movie maker and i want to put it on DVD but it wont let me. Do i need another program to do this or what? All advise welcome and appreciated

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    "winavi video converter" converts various video formats to others.

    all video that is going to be put on DVD needs to be converted to the special DVD format. you must convert your video to a DVD format using a video converter.

    1. download winavi video converter (from a tracker, rapidshare etc.).
    2. install and select "DVD" at the bottom right on the main menu.
    3. load your wmv video (the movie you made with movie maker)
    4. choose your output directory
    5. make sure the format is on "DVD" (its the default anywayz)
    6. now select OK.
    7. winavi will start to convert the video, this may take some time, click ok when its done.
    8. now look in your output directory you set before, there should be 2 folders, one named "AUDIO_TS" and the other "VIDEO_TS".
    9. you MUST burn these 2 folders on your disc (using nero or whatever you have) as they are.

    done and done.


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