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Thread: replacement for Newsleecher

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    newsleecher has screwed up on me (not the first time). Im getting the "hanged" download list.

    features that i like present in newsleecher (replacement must have these):

    When adding a set of downloads, PAR files are automatically paused.
    Can handle up to 300 days of headers and unlimited article limit with no sweat.
    "Tabs" for each function (eg Queue, Articles separated in tab windows)

    I do not need:
    Supersearch like functionality (i dl headers and use NZBs).
    multi-server support (only use one server, giganews)
    RAR file extraction/mp3 sorting/PAR repairing
    no type of sorting

    all i need to do is:
    A: dl headers
    B: organize list of articles by age/name/and a basic search functionality for articles
    C:highlight bunch of articles, right click>leech>specify folder
    D: press connect to dl.

    Thanks in advance. I was thinking Newsbin maybe?

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    alt.binz It does not handle headers but it is the closet you will get to newsleecher, I think anyways

    BTW what version of newsleecher are you using? I currently am using 3.9 Beta 2 and have had no issues since using it.

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    alt.binz is the shit i love it since the second i tried the freeware version i immediately donated for access to the latest builds well worth it! plus you can request features when you donate and the author usually implements the good suggestions

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    clients that support headers? (i know i know, most people use NZBs, but i still use headers and im used to it).

    im using newsleecher 3.8 final and 3.9 beta 9. both have this odd problem; i have a few files queued up, when i press connect, none of them start. apparently this problem has gone on for years:

    angry that it hasnt been fixed. forces me to dump a otherwise pretty good news reader (except that it hogs excessive amounts of RAM).

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    does alt.binz use a lot of ram? newsleecher does and it is getting a bit disappointing !!!

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    NewsBin is excellent client too,especially for dl headers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hetfield View Post
    does alt.binz use a lot of ram? newsleecher does and it is getting a bit disappointing !!!
    I download @ 3MB/s with 20 connections (SSL). And when Alt.Binz is downloading, decoding and extracting at the same time it uses 50-60MB RAM.

    That is on Windows Server 2k3.
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