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Thread: Is Ms Flight Simulator 2004 Out?

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    i can already get it on edonkey and irc and its massly available...i also remember that it was due for release sometime in it gettin re-released or something, im very confused...

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    We will have this on fasttracker within a cupple fo days, most probally 2mbit'ers could get at full speed.

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    Mar 2003
    i've had this about 2 weeks now
    ice ice baby

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    And what are the chances of 4 CDs getting corrupted during a transfer on fasttrack....about 75%.

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    Hey wizz and icey have u guy got any problem w/ the tracker? i log in there as BTROCK and i keep getting an error mesage and it says that the invision free team are trying their hardest to fix it. i can post/read anything w/o seeing that message 50x.

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    i've had this about 2 weeks now
    Good for you, its a shame its only the BETA version! Im just going to wait until the genuine finished game comes out and then buy it probably...


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