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Thread: Congress Mulls Prison Terms For

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    Trying to put this in front of the fight against terrorism!

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    Ha fools, Just hope i get a good cell with a nice view, oh and a nice cell mate...

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    "he's proposed forcing the FBI to drop anti-terror investigations in favor of copyright protection"

    Whoa! This cunt is outta control. I was shocked to hear he was a democrat but that is California. Orin Hatch though sponsered hacking people so this isn't exactly bipartisan. I wonder with all the bitching about record sales being down or5 movies bombing why isn't the price of dsl, cd-r's, computers, storage disk's etc and it's impact on the economy? No one can afford to see all the movies that come out or all the albums they like. that's not my desperate rationalization just what i feel. In the immortal words of George Dubya Bush "bring it on!". I don't use kazaa anyway and most other programs are open source so the programmers can still encpryt to protect users. Not to mention the bad ip list's ever growing thanks to shareza. I think this just like that losers other proposals will fail and California's fucked up economy will see him lose his seat in Congress.

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    What's this one guy, bribed by the RIAA, going to do???
    It's just scaremongering, that's all the RIAA is after for now, it'll take ages before legislation like that'll pass.

    I'm not worried about this, don't know about you guys...

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    this guy, Orrin Hatch, is crazy a$$hole. people like this makes the world bitter place!!!


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