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Thread: Mcafee Virus Scan

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    why does it take the virus scanner so long? im runnign a scan right now, and its been going for at least an hour and its still not done. i dont think i have that many files. sometimes it will just get stuck on a file for liek 5 minutes. is something wrong? it also seems to be checking the same files over and over again

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    try reinstalling it

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    Do you have a lot of files on your computer? Have you defragged it recently?

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    Besides the good suggestions here, it's mc*f**. It's the worst AV there is.

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    i dotn knwo how to defrag

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    Originally posted by zapjb@18 July 2003 - 02:49
    Besides the good suggestions here, it's mc*f**. It's the worst AV there is.
    Ywah it usre is there is only on needed suggestion either AVG if you are on a low resource Computer or Norton verified here If you paid for it I am sorry for yeah. How do they stay in business?

    i dotn knwo how to defrag
    Start- all programs - accesories - system tools - defrag.

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    what exactly does defragging do?

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    Originally posted by ninjamonkey@22 July 2003 - 00:53
    what exactly does defragging do?
    Defragmenter, as the name implies, defragments your disks. Your disks get fragmented when you add and delete files, because information that should be grouped together gets split up. When you defragment your disk, all of this information gets grouped back together

    The problem you said could be a result of that. Also scan your disk before defragmenting.
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    scan it?
    as in virus scan?

    so, there is no danger in defragmenting your computer? would defragmenting make my computer faster? could it also possibly help other programs run smoother?

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    Scan as in scandisk or checkdisk. Not defragging will make your PC fail to operate in less than a year with average use.

    I suggest you do a google search on these subjects. There is too much info available there to try and repeatedly duplicate it all here. It&#39;s also something you must learn if you want to keep your computer running the best it can run.

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