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Thread: Massive Dl Of Gfa

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    I have just Dl gfa a 690 Mb file. I know this file contains info on how to burn to CD. the question is, how do I read this file.

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    What kind of file is it, I will assume a bin, to burn bins check out the link in my signature. If it is a nother file type please specify.

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    It is supposed to be an exe. file with info on how to burn to 2 CD's. But it just appears to be an unopenable data file. It states on the dialogue box of download that it contains the nero disk images of 2 CD's and a crack exe. How do I read this data file. Please

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    Is it gta 3, is that what you are downloading if so i beleive that there is one version that is a .rar archive. You will need winrar to open it, then you should be fine. The info that you are giving is it not enough for anyone to really be of help, if you want help please take the time to make a post that contains atleast some info ie. extension on the filename, the filename, what you have tried.

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    The file I downloaded by pasting the hash into Ksig. It was NOT a bin , cue type file but just stated that it was exe. with the file containing the nero images for 2 CD's and a crack exe
    the file is 713,644KB show type of file as "file" and description as grand theft auto 3.

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    Originally posted by idontbelieveit@17 July 2003 - 21:50
    The file I downloaded by pasting the hash into Ksig. It was NOT a bin , cue type file but just stated that it was exe.
    You mean the hash said it was an exe. That does not matter what does the filename that you have on your computer in your shared folder say that it is.

    If it is for example gta3.rar.exe - it is labeled that way so it comes up in a serach for software, or bin.exe.
    Take off the EXE, if you do not have show extensions enabeled go into folder options a enable them, If you cannot handle that right click and go to propertis, then tell us what the filename is, what the name of flies was on the quicklink, that is not the filename.

    But it just appears to be an unopenable data file.
    ther is no such thin, (well maybee but not really) you just do not have that extension registered to a program or the program to open it,. I bet that it is a winrar archive.

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    I'm sorry for being a pain. The file in my shared folder shows the properties as the file being Type of file... "file" and thats all.
    When I was downloading from kazaa the dialogue bubble was the one that said it was exe.

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    Ok here is what I am willing to bet that you need to do since you cannot for some reason tell me the filename - not the description name, just the filename.

    Get winrar there are tonnes of them on kilite or you can get a trial version Here

    then unzip the file using winrar - you should not get your to bin files, you may get another set of winrar files in which case open the first one and it will extrat the enitire bin files.
    No you will get you files with instructions to burn them, if not follow the link in my sig. If that does not work for you I can not help you unless you can give me the FILENAME (the name of the file in your shared folder not what type it is, not the size the name of it including extension.

    Or double click on the file and use the windows online servie to find the correct program to open that kind of file.

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    I know you think I'm an English Prat, but....
    The file in my shared folder says "grand theft auto 3". Its properties (right click) show the type of file as " file" nothing else . I have tried Winrar and it does not show up as a compressed file that Winrar can open.
    What else can I tell you@?
    Just tell me to go to bed, and I'm off .... I'll play with something else

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    Ok well i just did a search and found the one that you are talking about, it does say that it is an exe, so it should be a self extraciting file, (just double click on it) I have to go to work now but i think that I have that file burned on a cd somewhere so if you have not figured it out by then i will see what i would have to do to open that file, but i think that it is self extracting, maybee someone else can chime in while I am gone.

    Or if you really can not figure it out just get the rip it is by far the best rip ever done, only thing missing are theradio stations and you can just bput your own MP3's in.

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