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Thread: Police Charge Man in Movie Camming Crackdown

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    "A man from Quebec has become one of the first to be charged under Canada’s new anti-camcording legislation after being caught trying to record the movie ‘Dan in Real Life’. The man - who intended to upload the movie to the internet - faces up to 2 years in jail."

    "Back in June, Canada adopted legislation which would see greater punishments for people caught camcording movies in theaters. The amendment to Bill C-59 stated in part that any person caught recording a movie in a theater without permission would be guilty of an indictable offense - and liable to be imprisoned for up to two years.

    According to reports, October 2007 saw the arrest of a 23 year old man, allegedly caught trying to record or ‘cam’ the new movie, ‘Dan in Real Life‘. He was also in possession of equipment to directly upload the movie to the internet and was likely to have been apprehended by police and theater staff wearing night vision goggles.

    The man from Quebec is among the first to be charged under the new legislation which, according to, was rushed through in record time after intense lobbying by the MPAA in the United States.

    If convicted, the man faces up to two years in jail. However, should his actions be considered part of a commercial operation, the term jumps to five years and could include forfeiture of assets."

    Source: TorrentFreak
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    wow 2 years, that's deep. I really hope they don't consider that fair...he didn't even upload the movie...why not file charges instead of

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hairbautt View Post
    ...who intended to upload the movie to the internet...
    This is the part that troubles me. How do they know what he intended to do with the recording, and will his intention have any bearing on the verdict?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hairbautt View Post
    The man - who intended to upload the movie to the internet - faces up to 2 years in jail.

    He will never get 2 years believe me, i've seen people doin'
    some crazy stuff in this world and never gettin' that much
    So i think he will get some kind of job to do for free
    This is really stupid...How first the guy got caught that's funny, when it's dark how can people see you recording...
    And how come the cops got him that's another story i don't get...

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    thats really amazing how he got caught i dont think we will get 2 years


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