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Thread: Playing Myself In A Game On 2 Computers

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    I play this game online and I am trying to play my dad because we have two different computers and 2 internets in our house. (we're not networked because I like to keep the stuff on my computer to myself and same with him) I figured most of it out by disk swapping after the game has started and I can play him but the problem is There is alot of lag for the non-host computer. I have cable and when I host he gets lag which shouldn't happen. Is it because the data is getting confused because its looping back to itself??

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    you can share your internet connection without sharing your files. That way, you're only paying for one internet connection, and both you and your dad's porn collection is safe from each others prying eyes.

    with regards to your game, i don't know. you should check the options though, sometimes games have an offline multiplayer mode, for use with a network. Go buy a router and sort yourself out.


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