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Thread: What's alt.binaries.puctures?

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    While searching on easynews I ran into the alt.binaries.puctures group. All files posted in the group are password protected, and I can't find any reference to the group anywhere regarding its use except for spam notifications and delete requests.

    I'm assuming it's a file sharing group used by some people (there's only 2 posters it seems). Judging by the subjects I'd say that they're posting siterips in separate galleries. Anyone know more about it?

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    There is well over 100,000 newsgroups on Usenet and growing, and you are asking about a very obscure one with only two posters. lol.

    The best advice I can give is to post in the group for information, or read the post already there. Good luck to you.

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    but giganews its the best... at least i think it is

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    Quote Originally Posted by iNVADER View Post
    but giganews its the best... at least i think it is

    How is this relevant to this post? And, anyway, it depends how you define "best."

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    There are plenty of groups like this that only have a couple of posters and all the content is encrypted with pgp. No idea what is in the files and chances are i really don't want to know.

    alt.binaries.wiseguys is another example.


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