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    I need some good software for a file server, web server, and a ftp server.

    Could anybody give me some ideas, links or downloads?

    I dont mind if it is on the windows platform or is open source.

    It would be best if the software is easy to use and/or understand because other people as well as myself will need to be involved with it, but any ideas will be greatly welcomed

    thanks in advance

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    If you wanna start an FTP server on your computer get BulletProof FTP Server. In my opinion its the best. It's not free, but you can get a crack for it.

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    for ease of use i would go with windows server 2003 or you could go with most linux distro's and set them up as a ftp, webserver and file server.

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    Apache is open source and there's a preconfigured installation called Php dev. which makes the combined Php, My Sql database and Apache installation and configuration a breeze. The link for it is if your interested. I haven't done much with it as yet - mostly a learning tool - but I think it's worth while.


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    2003 server is not needed to set up basic services. If you have xp pro you can install IIS and receive up to only 10 concurrent connections. You can also use microsoft ftp server and for basic file sharing I would just join computers into a workgroup.

    Windows 2003 is a server o.s.. Its not designed to be used a workstation or everyday personal computing use.. Meaning most of the stuff you dont on a regular xp box can not suitably be done on a server o.s


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