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Thread: I Dont Get How To Use Edonly And Mirc

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    Hello i was wodering how to use edonky and mirc when i use edonkey (emule) it never starts downloading, y is that, or mirc i complytly dont get it?

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    at the button of edonkey, you should see a status bar. That says if you are connected to a server

    it should read

    {On Connected} (aservername) If your status bar says that, then that means you are connected. If its not like that, that means ur not connected to a edonkey downloading server, which means u can't download. When u are downloading from edonkey make sure its a popluar file, if its a file that no one has ever heard of, then its going to be really hard to download it from someone. if the download status says "Looking....." then just wait, sooner or later the download will come. Rigt now, I'm downloading a no-popular psx iso game. Its been 3 days now and it only has downloaded 45mb out of the 230mb. As for Mirc, I'll tell u lator. I got to eat now. later!


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