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    I was wondering if anyone knows where i can get a guide on how to install a new Motherboard? i dont want to reformat either i have to much crap to save and stuff also my computer came with XP and i heard that u have to reinstall windows how would i do that if i dont have the windows XP CD? thanks

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    You shouldn't have to reinstall your O/S.

    Otherwise just do a Google search. Should be an easy find.

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    Did the motherboard not come with a manual? If not then ur probably best searching the net for its manual as u will need to know motherboard specific wiring and jumper stuff.
    If ur computer came with xp u should probably have got the cd for xp, r u sure u haven't? If u don't have it u'll have to get a copy, i'm sure one of your mates or someone u know has a pirated copy u can borrow.
    After the motherboard change I think u might have to reinstall XP, otherwise it may be quite unstable. Also it would be best to do a clean reinstall (ie after a format), maybe once ur computer is running ok u can make a backup partition with partition manager, copy your data across and then wipe and install cleanly on the original partition.


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