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Thread: Doctor Who novel -- Ancestor Cell... seeking to be converted from PDB format

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    Hi, all.

    I came quite close to getting what I want, but it seems fate conspired against me.

    I am looking for a shareable copy of the 8th Doctor novel "Ancestor Cell", specifically for those who don't have PDB-compatible software, or don't want to have to use it to view the novel.

    For the longest time, this novel has been almost impossible to find outside of .PDB format, and I was looking to change that, and I came very close, in fact.

    One user on the sadly defunct (although some of us are working on that) file sharing-site Demonoid was actually able to use PDB Shredding program to get it to a text based, although it wasn't the cleanest conversion. You can still see the comment he posted about that here, although it probably won't be up there for long, so the sooner, the better if you want. I tried to send him a PM so I could get a copy that I would personally take the responsibility to clean up, as he instructed people to do, but didn't hear back from him in time. I also posted a message on the old forums on (which use a separate account from the main site) not long before the site went down asking him or anyone else who could provide me with a copy to send me one. I checked my PMs for the main site account frequently, but didn't think to check the PMs for the separate forum account, not thinking anyone who wanted to get back to me wouldn't just respond to the thread I posted. It wasn't until after the site got shut down that I discovered 2 messages from forum user "salyavin" giving me a password-protected link to an HTML version of the book for me to finish up the proof-reading. Unfortunately, I only know this because I was carbon copied his communications, which were in the form of PMs from the forum, but the carbon copies contained the text, but not the link to where Ancestor Cell was stored.

    Due to popular demand, has brought back the forums, but only original Demonoid users with their original accounts (read: totally different from the forum accounts) are allowed to sign up; the new forum is closed to new registrations. I can't even search the new forums to see if anyone by the user ID "salyavin" shows as being registered (not that it would necessarily be the same guy, anyway). And he doesn't seem to be registered on any other sites under that name.

    So, this is one of the few remaining file sharing communities that even comes close to somewhere I might be able to get help. If anyone needs the original PDB/.LIT format of Ancestor Cell and has a reliable copy of conversion technology that should be able to turn it to a DOC or HTML format, I would be happy to send that to you. But I only ask that you reply to this post notifying me that you've sent me a PM, in case one of the scumbag recording industry associations go after this message board and get it shut down before I can actually get what I'm looking for.

    Finally, if anyone from here posted on the old forums, and could put me in touch with "salyavin" because you knew him from there or anywhere else, I'd obviously appreciate it tremendously.

    If you've actually bothered to read this far, thanks for even that much. And thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide.

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    Check out this site
    There is a lot of information regarding converting software on there that is free ware. I have a lot of the Dr. Who stuff in Text format but not the one your looking for.
    Hope this helps.


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