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    Well i think like most of us here my next computer purchase will be a dvd burner. However I have started to look around at how much the diskls cost and WTF? I saw some that wer like 70$ canadian, and as far as i could tell that was for one 4.8GB dvd-RW ram disk. I dunno what the ram means but WOW. Anyways I know that is not the lowest that you can get them for, so i was wondering how much would it cost for ok lets say a 25 pack, or 50pack w/o cases. If they even sell them like that yet. Please state what country you are in so I can convert it to can. I looked on like the two sites that we have here, and could not really find any. I do not wanna get the burner to find out that they are like laser printers, 400 for the burner and be easily paying well over that a month on disks. Be cheaper to burn movies on 4 cd's. (at that price a whole 50 pack)

    Thanks alot.

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    about 20 GB pounds for 25 DVD-R 4x write speed.
    about 30GB pounds for 25 DVD+R 2.4x write speed
    both cake box style (ie without cases)

    Ram disks are special and i think always cost quite a bit more.

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    theres diff kinds of blank dvd dvd-r dvd+r dvd-rw dvd-ram and others, it jsut depends on how much they hold (i think)

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    dvd-r and dvd+r are disks for dvd-r and +r drives respectively (ie u can't write a -r disk on a +r drive, tho u do get drives that will write both) -r and +r are basically 2 different incompatible formats.
    All the disks are available as 4.7GB (the most common size) and with -r u can get different sizes (never seen different sizes for +r)


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